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Unmatched Security Meets Simplicity. Introducing The BitEscrow API. For Pioneers Only.

Experience the epitome of developer excellence with our cutting-edge API, a true marvel that empowers you to imagine more, code less, and build the extraordinary.
Privacy First - Always
Privacy First - Always
Your transaction remains a whisper. Full encryption, no data held, and zero footprint on chain.
Super Simple Schema
Super Simple Schema
Easy and human readable API schema with clear steps. Escrow for your app, uncomplicated.
Your keys, your contract. No third party risks. Leveraging pre-signed BTC transactions only.
Beyond the Cutting Edge
Beyond the Cutting Edge
Elevating Bitcoin's horizon with custom next-generation libraires, μSig, and Taproot.
Smart Contract Automation
Smart Contract Automation
Automate escrow releases based on pre-set conditions using our advanced smart contracts.
Full SDK Suite
Full SDK Suite
Comprehensive tools, libraries, and more for seamless integration for your project.
Limitless Potential. Minimal Effort.
Simplifying escrow's evolution. Our API, robust and user-focused, drives both new and seasoned developers to craft and excel effortlessly.
// Import the EscrowContract class.
import { EscrowContract } from '@BitEscrow/escrow-api'
// We'll use this time value later.
const day = 60 * 60 * 24
// Create a draft contract by passing in a signer and template.
const contract = await EscrowContract.create(signer, {
title : 'Example Escrow Contract', // Specify a title for your contract.
value : 100_000, // Total value of the contract (before agent and miner fees).
alias : 'seller', // You can use a short alias for your pubkey.
nonce : signer.generate(64), // Generate a random nonce for this draft session.
terms : {
// Seller is charging a non-refundable fee.
fees : [[ 10_000, 'bc1pselleraddress' ]],
// Seller is receiving this payment on contract close.
paths : [
[ 'payout', 90_000, 'bc1pselleraddress' ]
// Seller wants the contract to close after 1 week.
schedule : { duration: day * 7, onclose: 'payout' },
Benchmarking Escrows Future
Harnessing the unparalleled power of Bitcoin, our mission is to transform escrow like never before. With a focus on rapidity and streamlined efficiency, we make the intricate feel intuitive.


Setting the industry standard for Bitcoin Escrow.


Unwavering and reliable historical API uptime.


Faster than Traditonal Escrow, at the speed of Bitcoin.


Savings in escrow fees, based on average comparisons.
Our API is your canvas for next-gen marketplaces, transformative apps, and revolutionary wallets - For the first time ever, you can completely reverse and dispute Bitcoin transactions to near eliminate scams and fraud.
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Contracts with Elevated Brilliance
Automated, integrated, and crafted for human understanding. We're reshaping the narrative of Bitcoin smart contracts, ensuring they're not just smart, but also intuitively comprehensible.

With advanced hooks in place, contracts can auto-execute precisely when specific parameters are met, amplifying efficiency and ensuring flawless operation.
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Integrations Beyond Imagination
Unlock unparalleled connectivity with our versatile webhooks, designed for seamless synergy with applications like Zapier. Anticipate a future where our expansive app marketplace brings every tool you need, right at your fingertips. Integration has never felt so limitless.
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Tools for Tomorrow's Visionaries
Streamlining your development with a comprehensive testing suite, bespoke agent actions, and fluid integrations across apps.

Bolstered by Nostr libraries, programmable smart contract automations, fortified e2e encrypted API interactions, and the prowess of tapscript - we're just getting started.
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Connect. Collaborate. Create.
In the heart of BitEscrow lies a community where innovation thrives and code finds companionship. With the power of our API, your dream — a next-gen marketplace, a secure wallet, or a transformative app — is on the cusp of becoming a Bitcoin reality.

Through our proactive hackathons, vibrant events, and steadfast support, we've established a haven for the Bitcoin and Nostr developer community.
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Open Source
We are committed to fostering an environment of transparency, accountability, and collaboration. Our API is open source, which means we have absolutely nothing to hide. Not only is our API open source, but so is our tech stack, analytics, and more - because it is the right thing to do.

Dive in, explore our code, and even contribute. We believe in empowering our community to help us build better solutions for everyone involved.
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Transparent Pricing
Experience our clear and simple per-transaction pricing with absolute fee transparency.