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Spending Bitcoin? Use protection. Just in case.
Buy and sell anything using Bitcoin with peace of mind. We ensure safe and secure Bitcoin transactions while significantly reducing scams and fraud.
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Speed, Affordability, and Security Combined
Experience the pinnacle of efficiency of escrow. Our service offers unmatched speed, affordability, and unwavering security. Leave behind the hassles of bank delays, excessive fees, and intricate paperwork.
Faster than fiat
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The Cost
Paperwork Involved
Demystifying the Escrow Process
Step 1
Agree On Terms
The buyer and seller agree to use an escrow service.
Step 2
Deposit Funds
The buyer deposits the funds into the escrow smart contract.
Step 3
Order Fulfillment
The seller delivers the goods or services to the buyer.
Step 4
The buyer inspects the goods or services and confirms satisfaction.
Step 5
Release Funds
The escrow agent releases the funds to the seller, closing the contract.
Product Features
Super Secure
Super Secure
Your security and privacy are our top priority - exceeding industry security standards.
Super Fast
Super Fast
Say goodbye long waits and paperwork. No formalities, just quick and easy resolutions.
Available 24/7
Available 24/7
Our customer service team is available around the clock to answer any queries and mitigate disputes.
Fully Auditable
Fully Auditable
Every transaction and operation is fully auditable, ensuring trust through cryptographic proofs.
Unlimited Reach
Unlimited Reach
Access our platform from anywhere in the world, connecting and dealing with users across the globe.
Developer Focused
Developer Focused
With SDKs and APIs customized for pioneers, our tools allow developers to build the impossible.
Spend Bitcoin Safely
For the first time in history, undo your Bitcoin transactions as effortlessly as you would with traditional payment methods. No more irreversible mistakes or costly errors; now, you have the power to make it right, revolutionizing financial control and peace of mind.
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No Hidden Fees. Ever.
Experience the epitome of financial transparency. We charge a simple, straightforward fee of just 1%. No fine print, no complications—just honest, open business the way it should be.
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Non-Custodial Trustlessness
Experience absolute peace of mind with our non-custodial escrow solution. Our automatic timelock ensures your funds stay secure, eliminating any risk of mismanagement or interference. Your transactions are guaranteed, and we never hold your assets.
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No Banks Necessary
Say goodbye to slow, cumbersome traditional banking institutions - Step into the financial future with our revolutionary escrow smart contracts.

Our cutting-edge platform accelerates your transactions while slashing costs, making financial freedom not just a concept, but your new reality. Elevate your experience with a service that's not only cheaper and faster, but categorically better.
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// Import the EscrowContract class.
import { EscrowContract } from '@BitEscrow/escrow-api'
// We'll use this time value later.
const day = 60 * 60 * 24
// Create a draft contract by passing in a signer and template.
const contract = await EscrowContract.create(signer, {
title : 'Example Escrow Contract', // Specify a title for your contract.
value : 100_000, // Total value of the contract (before agent and miner fees).
alias : 'seller', // You can use a short alias for your pubkey.
nonce : signer.generate(64), // Generate a random nonce for this draft session.
terms : {
// Seller is charging a non-refundable fee.
fees : [[ 10_000, 'bc1pselleraddress' ]],
// Seller is receiving this payment on contract close.
paths : [
[ 'payout', 90_000, 'bc1pselleraddress' ]
// Seller wants the contract to close after 1 week.
schedule : { duration: day * 7, onclose: 'payout' },
Ready, Set, Code - The API From The Future
With the BitEscrow API, your imagination knows no bounds. Tailored for visionary developers, our robust and user-focused platform lets you construct revolutionary marketplaces, apps, and wallets with minimal effort yet maximal impact. Revel in unparalleled freedom to craft smart contracts, automate escrow releases, and integrate effortlessly—all while pushing the boundaries of what's possible for your porjects.
Stack Sats. Be Your Own Boss.
Ignite your journey to financial autonomy by becoming a certified escrow agent in our specially designed program. Seamlessly navigate our easy-to-follow process and unlock a lucrative revenue stream.

As an agent, you'll earn 0.2% from every transaction, enabling you to stack Sats while being the master of your own destiny.
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Enterprise-Ready Partnerships
Consult with our world-class, top-tier architects to tailor-fit innovative strategies and create tailor-made solutions that enable your business to securely accept Bitcoin like never before.

Gain unprecedented control over the flow of Bitcoin—without ever having to touch it. Transform your industry, while competitors play catch-up.
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Ready to get started?
Discover the limitless potential of BitEscrow, or partner with us to provide utmost protection for your customers Bitcoin transactions.
Dive Into The Docs
Turn your brilliant idea into reality in no time with our supercharged API.
Transparent Pricing
Experience our clear and simple per-transaction pricing with absolute fee transparency.